Raise Your Game

Raise Your Game

Raise Your Game

Become More So You Can Give More

Your success has always come from a refusal to accept that what you knew was all there was to know. You wanted more, so you sought out more. We're just like you.

We're building Project:Elevation to serve as a source of education & inspiration. We want to join you as you pursue excellence in your business & life. Because now is the perfect time to elevate everything.

The Affiliate Seminar

No flights, hotels, rental cars, or need to find coverage. Just the whole Seminar, on your schedule & at your speed.

The Affiliate Immersion

Come spend two days at CFNE, seeing how we do what we do & learning how we're building a center of excellence.

P:E Guides

Deep dives on a specific area of running your business, designed & optimized for reading or listening on smartphones.


Start the right kinds of conversation with your athletes, family, & friends by putting these on the wall.

Sit in on the Seminar

Watch Ben Bergeron's full Affiliate Excellence Seminar

Come to CFNE

Join the ranks of 170+ owners & coaches who have taken part since 2015

  • Ask questions & get feedback

    Each Immersion is limited to 8 people, ensuring that you'll go home with your questions answered. Register today.

  • Elevate your perspective

    Step away from the daily grind long enough to see it with clear eyes & a fresh perspective. Click for available dates.

  • Leverage our experience

    Fast-track your progress by seeing exactly how we've handled some of the same challenges you're facing. Schedule your visit.

Dive Deep

Read, Take Notes, then Take Action